What does FounderPhone do?

FounderPhone lets your team text with your customers directly from Slack. You give your customers your FounderPhone number, and your team can receive and send messages from your customers in Slack.

With FounderPhone, each customer gets a dedicated Slack channel. Anyone on your team in that channel can respond. From the customer's standpoint, it looks like you're personally texting them back.

What are the benefits of using FounderPhone?

Giving customers a personal number allows you and your team to provide exceptional customer support. Your customers will feel special because the "founder" is personally responding to their requests via text.

People read 90% of their texts, but only 23% of business emails.

It's in Slack, so you don't need to adopt any new tools

How many customers can I talk to through FounderPhone?

As many as you want!

Can I use an existing phone number?

Yes, we can port your existing number over

Why shouldn't I give customers my personal phone number?

Your team won't be able to answer messages on your behalf

FounderPhone lets you respond directly in Slack

Your personal messages will be mixed with customer messages

How do I setup FounderPhone for my company?

It takes 5 minutes to setup. Just login and connect your slack. For more details, visit help.founderphone.com or text us at (510) 756-2522 for a demo

What happens if a customer calls my FounderPhone number?

We can forward the call to any number you want. Optionally, we can let your team to answer it too. They can volunteer to redirect a call to their number if they're online in Slack

What happens to the number I have my customers if I quit FounderPhone?

You can give out your FounderPhone number risk-free. We will help you port your number to your provider of choice so that you can keep using it without FounderPhone

How many team members can use FounderPhone?

As many as you want. Anybody who's in your Slack workspace can use it

Can I send and receive messages to international phone numbers?


Why can't just I add customers to a shared Slack channel?

You certainly can, and it's another great way to communicate with customers who use Slack. FounderPhone is intended to provide a personal and direct line of communication to every customer, including those who don't use Slack.